Nadia Tinto
Study of genetics and epigenetics of Celiac disease / Study of not-autoimmune forms of diabetes

Nadia Tinto



Associate Professor in M-EDF/01, Department of Molecular Medicine and Medical Biotechnology, University of Naples "Federico II".

  • 1992 Degree in medicine and surgery
  • 1997 Specialization in biochemistry and clinical chemistry
  • 2004 PhD in biochemistry and medical biotechnology
  • 2004 Researcher in BIO/12 scientific area, School of Medicine and Surgery of the “Federico II” University of Naples “Federico II”.
  • 2004 Medical Director, owner of the Simple Operating Unit "Biological Individual Typing", Department of Laboratory and Transfusion Medicine AOU “Federico II” Napoli
  • 2011 Role of Associate Professor in M-EDF/01 scientific area, Department of Molecular Medicine and Medical Biotechnology, University of Naples "Federico II".
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The research topics fall within the areas of Clinical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, applied to the analysis of the molecular basis of hereditary genetic diseases, with particular interest in Celiac disease and Monogenic diabetes, in order to identify pathogenetic mechanisms that can be targeted by new personalized therapies, and to propose innovative pathways of molecular diagnostics.

Research lines


• Study of the molecular basis and of the genotype-phenotype correlation in different forms of non-autoimmune diabetes (MODY, Neonatal diabetes, Insulin resistance syndromes)

• Evaluation of the impact of the GCK genotype of a MODY2 mother on the birth weight of children carrying the GCK mutation, and of the impact of the GCK genotype of a MODY2 fetus on the glycemic profiles of an affected mother in pregnancy

• Genomic characterization from ancient DNA


Research Group
  • Dr. Fernanda Iafusco, Degree in Medical Biotechnology, Clinical Pathology and Clinical Biochemistry specializing
  • Dr. Serena Meola, Degree in medicine and surgery, Clinical Pathology and Clinical Biochemistry specialist
Most relevant publications
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