Francesca D'Alessio
Cell Cultures

Francesca D'Alessio


Career Summary

Cell/Tissue Culture Facility Manager                                                        2018 – present

CEINGE – Biotecnologie Avanzate s.c.a r.l

Cell/Tissue Culture Facility Supervisor and Coordinator                         2013 – 2018

CEINGE – Biotecnologie Avanzate s.c.a r.l.,

Tutor: Professor Luigi Del Vecchio


Cell/Tissue Culture and Flow Cytometry Reseacher                               2006 - 2012

Cell Culture Facility and Clinical and Experimental Flow Cytometry Unit

CEINGE – Biotecnologie Avanzate s.c.a r.l.,

Tutors: Professor Rosa Di Noto and Professor Luigi Del Vecchio



Postgraduate School in Clinical Biochemistry                                                  2007-2012

University of Naples “Federico II” , Faculty of Medicine and Surgery

  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude


MSc in Medical Biotechnology                                                                          2004-2007

University of Naples “Federico II”, Faculty of Biotechnology

  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude


BSc in Biotechnology                                                                                          2001-2004

University of Naples “Federico II”, Faculty of Biotechnology


Documented experience in Cell/Tissue Culture Facility includes:

  • Acquisition, culture and cryopreservation of human and animal growing non-adherent and adherent cell lines
  • Mycoplasma detection in cell lines and reagent
  • Mycoplasma eradication in cell lines
  • Establishment of primary cell culture starting from fresh tissue biopsies
  • Flow cytometric characterization and analysis of mature and stem cell populations
  • Pharmacologic and proliferation activity analysis on cell cultures by vitality assays



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Visconti R, Della Monica R, Palazzo L, D'Alessio F, Raia M, Improta S, Villa MR, Del Vecchio L, Grieco D. “The Fcp1-Wee1-Cdk1 axis affects spindle assembly checkpoint robustness and sensitivity to antimicrotubule cancer drugs”. Cell Death Differ. 2015 Sep; 22(9): 1551-60.

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