DMI4000B, Leica (microscopio invertito)

DMI4000B, Leica (Inverted Microscope) 

The DMI4000 B inverted microscope can be used to acquire brightfield, phase contrast and fluorescence specimen of cells (plate or slide) and tissues.

Objectives: 5x/0,12 PH; 10x/0,30 PH1; 20x/0,40 CORR PH1,0-2/C; 40x/0,60 CORR PH2,0-2/C; 63x/1,25 OIL PH2.  

Excitation Filters: A4, BP 360/40; GFP, BP 470/40; N3, BP 546/12.

Emission Filters: BP 470/40; BP 525/50; BP 600/40.