CEINGE since its foundation has placed research in the field of biology and medicine as a scientific mission.

CEINGE's scientific mission includes:

• the study of the fundamental mechanisms that regulate the expression and function of genes and related products

• the study of the mechanisms that, due to genetic alterations or environmental conditions, cause pathologies, in humans and in other animal and plant species

• the development of diagnostic and therapeutic methods and instruments, also using advanced approaches computational analysis.

• in-depth cultural activities and communication activities concerning social and ethical issues connected with research activities.

CEINGE is characterized by the interdisciplinary nature of its own research, held together by a common biomolecular approach, integrated by the increasingly indispensable IT component.


Organizational and operational model

The organizational and operational model makes CEINGE a structure that works in synergy with the others, entering a context of virtuous relationships of mutual interest.

CEINGE can act, in synergy with other research institutions, as an attractor and incubator of talents, creating an interdisciplinary environment that would be difficult to create within the other research structures that, for institutional reasons, are focused on specific topics.


Translational research

CEINGE supports and encourages researchers working in the structure to explore possible application effects of their research.

This is the direction taken by CEINGE in entrepreneurial activities that operate in the sectors of competence described above, also to stimulate translational research activities involving researchers working in the structure.