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Physical Education and Sports

The activities that can be carried out at the Laboratory of Physical and Motor Activities gathered within the following fields:

  • Educational and Research Activities to monitor the effects of Adapted Physical Activity on different types of subjects, healthy and with stabilized pathology, carried out on behalf of Researchers and Teachers of the Departments of Medicine of the Federico II University and of the Parthenope University following the stipulation of specific contracts with these organizations.
  • Assistance activities following the stipulation of appropriate authorizations for the Evaluation of Cardiovascular and Respiratory function, Evaluation of bone metabolism and Evaluation of the fat/lean mass ratio.
  • Medical-sports fitness activities for varous organizations such as CUS, Sports Societies, Nutritionist Centers, Beauty Centers, Dietitian Centers but also on behalf of internal staff or subjects outside the Ceinge under the supervision of specialized personnel for the use of the Laboratory fitness equipments and for the development and administration of personalized Physical Exercise protocols.

CEINGE provided the organization and consolidation of the Physical and Motor Activity Laboratory by developing appropriate investment plans for the constant updating of technologies and instrumental equipment necessary to cope with the rapid technological and scientific evolution, characteristic of this sector. This policy of investments allowed the Physical and Motor Activity Laboratory to be equipped with the most updated instrumental equipment for carrying out the planned activities. In particular, the recent acquisition of the BodPod equipment which allows the determination of fat mass and lean mass in adults and children using principles of body densitometry should be emphasized.


Service provided by the facility:

Stress test

Cardiopulmonary Stress Test


Evaluation of the electrocardiogram for 24-48 hours (Holter ECG)

Blood pressure assessment for 24-hour (Holter PA)

Evaluation of the fat mass/lean mass ratio for adults and children using BodPod and DEXXA instrumentation.

Assessment of suitability for competitive activities

Physical exercise with aerobic threshold aimed at a personalized diet

Assessment of improved health due to personalized exercise and/or diet in both patients and healthy subjects

Assessment of the appropriateness of the training performed to improve the performance of athletes


Cardiological Consultant: Dr. Carlo Duilio

Fitness Consultant: To be appointed