Il Centro


CEINGE-Biotecnologie Avanzate Franco Salvatore operates in the field of molecular biology and advanced biotechnology applied to Human Health. It is an excellence in Italy and abroad for the Research and Diagnostics of genetic diseases (hereditary and acquired). It is a High Education Center for new generations of researchers and scientists and is one of the fundamental hinges for the development of the "biotech" sector in the Campania region.


CEINGE is a non-profit consortium company, with entirely public capital, founded in 1983 by professor Francesco Salvatore, biochemist, Emeritus of the Federico II University, Member of the Accademia Nazionale delle Scienze (detta dei XL).

Today it counts among its members the University Hospital Federico II and the University of Naples Federico II.

The main areas of competence of the Institute are:

  • Advanced molecular diagnostics of genetic and hereditary diseases
  • Extended Neonatal Screening of Hereditary Metabolic Diseases
  • Research in the field of molecular biology and advanced biotechnology
  • High-tech services supporting research in areas of expertise also accessible to SMEs, based on latest-generation genomic and post-genomic technology platforms
  • Higher Education in advanced biotechnologies and molecular medicine
  • Promotion and dissemination of scientific and technological culture to foster exchanges of knowledge between organizations linked to the research sector and for the development of biotechnologies
  • Technological transfer, in the sectors of interest, also through the creation of company spin-offs
  • Production of goods (prototypes, reagents, fine chemicals, pharmacologically and biologically active molecules, on a small scale) in the field of advanced biotechnologies


The consortium with limited liability was established in 1983 by the University of Naples "Federico II".

The Research Center, created under the laws on Intervention Extraordinary in the South of Italy, has been completed at first under a concession procedure, then the dissolution of the Intervention Extraordinary Bodies, thanks to an agreement, signed on October 3 2000, between the Ministry of University and Scientific Research and Technology (now Ministry of Education) and CEINGE-Biotecnologie Avanzate S.c.a r.l..



CEINGE carried out its activities until 2004 in a pilot laboratory, made available by the University of Naples "Federico II".
From 16 April 2004 it is located in the current building, located in Naples, in Via Gaetano Salvatore 486.
The building stands on a land owned by the University "Federico II" of Naples and has a total area of over 8,500 square meters.

It consists of bodies of structurally independent factory, articulated on three levels.

In total are placed in the building of CEINGE, 16 Research Laboratories and Diagnostics of about 90 square meters each, can accommodate up to 15 operators.

The laboratories are equipped with service spaces equipped with scientific equipment for common use, infrastructure facilities and technological platforms.

There are also meeting rooms available to researchers, for lab-meetings and offices for Principal Investigators.

The building has a 120-seat Congress Hall, a library and a multimedia classroom.