CEINGE-Biotecnologie Avanzate operates in the field of molecular biology and advanced biotechnology applied to Human Health.

It is an excellence in Italy and abroad for the Research and Diagnostics of genetic diseases (hereditary and acquired).

It is a High Education Center for new generations of researchers and scientists and is one of the fundamental hinges for the development of the "biotech" sector in the Campania region.




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In Italy identified 5 variants of Sars-Cov2


Antigenic and salivary tests for SARS COV2 infection: 50 percent and 30 percent reliable

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Preservation of neurons in an AD 79 vitrified human brain

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Capoluongo appointed as Advisor within expert panels in the field of medical devices

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ACE2 gene variants may underlie interindividual variability and susceptibility to COVID-19 in the Italian population

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Kraft Heinz invests in Naples and chooses CEINGE

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The fermented formula for infants that favors the maturation of the immune system, microbiota and metabolome

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GEN-COVID, impact of Host Genome on COVID-19 clinical variability


Pediatric gastroenteritis, the functional food that stops infection

Centro Unico Screening neonatale della regione Campania Lab
Unique Regional Center for Newborn Screening LABRead More
Citometria Clinica E Sperimentale Lab
Sperimental and Clinical Cytometry LABRead More
Screening fc
Neonatal Screening for cystic fibrosis LABRead More
Diagnostica centralizzata
Molecular Diagnostics Centralized LAB Read More
Genetica medica
Medical genetics of diseases of the developmental age LABRead More
Tumori Mammella e Ovaio (BRCA1 BRCA2) LAB
Inherited Susceptibility of Breast and Ovarian Cancer BRCA1 BRCA2 LABRead More
Tumori ereditari del colon retto lab
Inherited Colorectal Cancer LABRead More
Emoglobinopatie LAB
Hemoglobinopaties LAB - pre and post-natal diagnosticsRead More
Hematological Oncology LAB Read More
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Epigenetic LABRead More
DNA typing LAB Read More
CGH-Array Lab
CGH Array LABRead More
cns lab
Central Nervous System Diseases CNS-LABRead More
lab attività motoria Ft Credits @CEINGE
Physical Education and SportsRead More
Sala crio
CriopreservationRead More
Advanced Light Microscopy (ALM) FacilityRead More
ProteomicsRead More
Animal HouseRead More
Dna Lab
DNA LabRead More
Colture Cellulari
Cell CulturesRead More
Anatomia patologica e comparata
Comparative anatomy and pathology Read More
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Catching elusive molecular interactions behind Parkinson’s Disease

Il professor Alfonso Simone, ordinario di Biologia molec

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IV Convegno Sindrome di Down - Virtual edition

Il 16 e il 17 ottobre si terrà la IV edizione del Conve

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Rare Disease Meeting 2020

To raise awareness on Rare Disease during Covid-19 pandemic

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Scienza e Società

European Biotech Week

Prende l’avvio anche quest’anno il percorso di formazione scientifico-culturale c...

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Enrico Giovannini, portavoce Asvis, e Annamaria Capodanno, direttrice Innovation Village
Scienza e Società

Innovation Village 2020: CEINGE award

Al via la quinta edizione, il 7 e 8 ottobre, all’Università Feder

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Quarta edizione del Technology Forum Campania

Technology Forum Campania

Al via la quarta edizione del Technology Forum Campania, che si svolger

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Talk of Nicolais: postponed

E' STATO RINVIATO A DATA DA DESTINARSI il seminario di Luigi Nicolais,

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