Summer School of Proteomics at CEINGE

European Proteomic Association (EuPA) in collaboration with Italian Proteomic Association (ItPA) and CEINGE Advanced Biotechnologies is pleased to present the first theoretical-practical Summer School of Proteomics. The event, that will take place at the CEINGE in Naples from 14 to17 June 2022, consists in an advanced theoretical and practical training project, aimed at doctoral students or young researchers who want to approach and deepen the basic aspects of this biochemical discipline. It will be open to a maximum of 16 members to guarantee everyone access to the instrumental laboratory with an active participation in practical and bench works. The program will consist of theoretical lessons of 1h and 30 min held by professors of recognized value at international level in this area, who will treat all topics related to the main proteomics application fields, starting from the experimental design to the preparation of the sample for different applications, to the analytical techniques for protein identification and quantification, to bioinformatics tools for the processing of analytical data and to the reconstruction of biological models inferable from this type of experiments. Alongside the theoretical lessons, there will be a full day of practical lessons organized by tutors (one every four people) to allow participants to familiarize themselves with the recentest sample preparation protocols and with the latest generation instrumentation; in particular, participants will be instructed and guided in the use of mass spectrometers such as MALDI ToF-ToF and Orbitrap configured with nanoESI source interfaced with nanoLC-MS / MS, present at the Proteomics Facility at CEINGE. An entire section will be dedicated to the analysis of data obtained from real samples through the use of the latest bioinformatics tools, with interactive exercises that will take place in the bioinformatics room of CEINGE. At the end of the event, for all interested parties, the teachers and tutors will be available for one-to-one interviews to discuss specific experimental issues of interest to the participants. Further news will be available on the EuPA, ItPA and CEINGE websites.


Deadline : 30 April (payment, after selection, within 15 May)
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CEINGE-Biotecnologie avanzate - 80131 - Napoli - NA